My name is Lisa and I'm a huge fan of paper crafting and video games!

I work full time as an animator and Gamercubes is my creative side hobby where I hand craft dioramas for gamers to enjoy scenes from their most treasured games.

I craft and dispatch my dioramas weekly (up to 5 working days to craft and dispatch). I'm not open to commissions as this is a hobby project but if you have a request then please leave a comment on my most recent Instagram posts and I will add it to my list and see if it's possible for me to create it for you.

If you would like to craft a Gamercube yourself then you can visit my Patreon to gain access to my templates and suggest your favourite games for me to design.

I also have a YouTube Channel where you can watch me craft Gamercubes! 

I hope you enjoy my creations! 🖤